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Photo By Rhonda Pierce. (Kurt Wilson Custom Guitars and Jeri Designs Guitar Straps)

Sean Ryan McKee was born March 26th 1996 in Chicago. When he was young he always listened to music that was influenced by the blues such as Lynard Skynard, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix,  etc.

Sean decided when he was 8 years old he wanted to play the guitar and he wanted to play all the Jimmy Page style guitar leads and riffs but they were too advanced so he quickly gave up.

When he was in 7th grade he started playing again and bought a new electric guitar and he immediately went back to trying to play like Jimmy Page until he heard BB King and said “I wanna play like that. It seems a little bit easier.” even though that is not true

Sean began listening to more roots style blues music and quickly dedicated his time to playing the blues. Sean has been told he has a very unique touch on the guitar and currently is pursuing a music career at 21.

Sean has sat in and or played with Joe Moss, Anthony Gomes, Nick Moss, Jimmy Johnson, Micheal Ledbetter, Louie Zagouras, Shun Kikuta, Kate Moss, Tom Holland, Tallan Noble Latz, Toronzo Cannon, Mike Wheeler, Nigel Mack, Rocco Calipari, Tyler Mac, Paxton Norris and many more…

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